Bryan Marble



January 25, 2011

Productivity Hack for Bootstrapping a Company on 2 Hours a Day

  Here it is, the single greatest productivity hack I’ve learned while building GroupTrip. Perform a mental backup before you stop working. Take 30 seconds in your editor of choice and write down what you would be doing for the next 15 minutes if you didn’t have to stop. When you come back to work, - Read More -

January 18, 2011

Clear.CO or Cntortd.COM – Split Testing a Domain Name

  I’m building a group travel platform to make the logistics of planning trips with friends as fun as the trip itself. I had a great name for it too. Since that was taken I started building under the name GrpTrp. It has symmetry, it’s relatively easy to describe (“grouptrip, no vowels”), and hey, - Read More -