article clipper Phone Number UX: 3 Solutions to Avoid Pissing Off Would Be Users

The standards for UI/UX are being raised every day. There’s simply no excuse for piss-poor user experience anymore. One example of an unacceptable experience that somehow seems to be sticking around is that of the phone number field. Before you consider making a field that takes this information, please consider the following:

I don’t want to give you my phone number. And if you happen to have worked hard enough to gain my trust to the point I’d give it to you, don’t screw it up. Just asking for it puts you on thin ice.

How would you screw it up? By giving me one iota of a chance to reconsider. If I have to do anything more than select a text field and enter 10 digits in succession, I’m sorry, you don’t get my business.

The phylum of acceptable phone number fields in order of preference.

  1. None. You probably don’t need it anyways!
  2. A single text field that would accept 888-867-5309 or 8888675309 or 88-86-75309, etc
  3. The triple threat, three text fields with auto-tab

Any other solution makes me wonder whether you care about the pain points in your application. And if this seemingly simple and avoidable pain point is overlooked, what hope should I have for the rest of your application?